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AEMSA Training Equipment
Equipment Categories
Medical Pediatrics
Adult Airway Management Adult Airway Trainer ALS Baby Trainer
Adult Airway Trainer Adult BP Kits Baby Annies
Adult BVM's ALS Baby Trainer Baby Intubation Heads
Adult Simulaid Airway and Head Trauma Arrhythmia Annie Generators Bag Peds Oral Airways
Annie Heads Black Bag IV Training Arms Bulb Syringes
Baby Intubation Heads Bulb Syringes BVM Child
Bag Peds Oral Airways Child Airway Trainer Child & Infant BVM's
BVM Adult Child Annie (Junior Size) Child Airway Trainer
BVM Child Cricothyrotomy Kit Child Annie (Junior Size)
Child & Infant BVM's Ear Loop Masks Infant & Child Stethoscope Sets
Child Airway Trainer Epi Trainers Infant Intubation Trainer
Child Annie (Junior Size) Infant & Child Stethoscope Sets Junior Annies
Combi-Tubes IV Arm Kit Pediatric & Child BP Cuffs
Disposable Annie Airways OB Kit Pediatric 911 Card Packets
Fred the Head Pediatric & Child BP Cuffs Pediatric BP Kits
Full Body Adult Airway Mgnt Kit Pediatric BP Kits Pediatric Mast Pants
Infant Intubation Trainer Rescusi Annies Pediatric Stiff Necks
Laryngi-scopes Simulated Stomach Contents Pediatric Trauma Pants
Oropharyngeal airways
Resusci Juniors
V-Vacs & Airways Adult Simulaid Adult BP Kits
V-Vacs, Nasal Canulas, etc. Assorted Glow Sticks Adult Simulaid Airway and Head Trauma
Cans Lubricant Adult Trauma Pants
Empty bins Bucket of Bandages, Tape, & Trauma Dressings
AEDs Large Run Reports Hare Traction Splints
Arythmia Annie Generators MN State Flag Head Beds
Baby Annies Reflective EMS Jackets Headblock
Child Annie (Junior Size) Safe Lites Vest (Black Bag) KED Kit
CPR Kits Space Blankets Loose Triage Tags
CPR Prompts Military Traction Splints
Junior Annies Moulage Box
Little Annies Moulage Kit
Recording D-fib Annie Pediatric Mast Pants
Rescusi Annies Pediatric Stiff Necks
Resusci Juniors Pediatric Trauma Pants
Plastic Backboards
Pro Splints
Red Zip Bag of Moulage Stuff
Sager Kit
Sam Splint
Scoop Stretchers
Short Boards
Spider Strap Sets
Stiff necks
Triage Kits
Triage Tags